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Dec 7, 2011 5:30pm PST
else? >>> the penn state scandal. jerry sandusky arrested again, handcuffed at his home, taken to jail after two more young men accuse him of sexual abuse. >>> fighting breast cancer. should women worry about the risk from cell phones, hair color, water bottles, what's in the environment. tonight we have an update on prevention and treatment of the disease. >>> and together again, but perhaps for the last time. 70 years after a day the world will never forget a dwindling group of survivors returns to pearl harbor. group of survivors returns to pearl harbor. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. we begin here tonight with a big story, but one that could not be a more personal topic, especially among parents of young teenagers. it's about plan b, sometimes called the morning after contraceptive pill, and how close this country came today to allowing it to be freely sold over-the-counter on demand without prescription. it looked like a done deal, in fact, until the obama administration today did what no administration has ever done. it
Dec 13, 2011 5:30pm PST
accusers came to confront jerry sandusky. what happens now in the penn state sexual abuse case? >>> and home for the holidays. an early christmas today. emotional reunions for hundreds of families who have sacrificed so much for their country. "nightly news" begins now. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> good evening. tonight an agency of the federal government has decided that texting, e-mailing or talking on a cell phone while driving a car is simply too dangerous and should be outlawed in this country. all of it by all of us. this comes from the national transportation safety board. the ntsb, the very serious folks who investigate airline crashes among other things. and their advice is likely to carry a lot of weight. they've determined too many people are dying because of distracted driving, and they want it outlawed. of course, here's what they're up against, the millions of us who drive distracted on occasion, especially those of us who think we're fine, it's the other drivers who present the greatest danger on the road. well, it's about to become a bigger
Dec 4, 2011 3:30pm PST
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Dec 16, 2011 5:30pm PST
synonymous with this unfolding sex scandal and the former defensive coordinator jerry sandusky. the testimony is key to the case against two former penn state officials, senior v.p. gary schultz and athletic director tim curley who denied charges they lied to authorities. again tonight fair warning, this is tough material. the whole case has been that way from the start. we begin tonight with our national investigative correspondent michael isikoff from state college, pennsylvania. >> reporter: once the starting penn state quarterback, now a star witness for the government, mike mcqueary took the witness stand today and graphically described seeing a naked jerry sandusky engaged in what he called extreme sexual activity with a young boy. "the boy was up against the wall" mcqueary testified. "jerry was directly behind him in a very, very close position. i believe jerry was sexually molesting him." mcqueary slammed his locker door shut, causing sandusky and the boy to separate and look him directly in the eye. mcqueary's testimony is key for the case against two former penn state officials, ath
Dec 7, 2011 7:00pm EST
today. former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky has been arrested again after two new accusers have come forward with new child molestation accusations. this brings the total number of alleged victims here to ten. nbc's peter alexander has been covering this story for us, is with us from our d.c. newsroom. peter, good evening. >> reporter: good evening to you. jerry sandusky appeared briefly in court this afternoon where a judge ordered him held on $250,000 cash bail. if he can meet those conditions he can get out of jail but he'll have to wear an electronic monitor. wearing hand cuffs and a penn state track suit jerry sandusky was arrested on the new charges at his home today bringing the number of boys he's accused of assaulting to ten. the two latest charges say sandusky abused two boys between the ages of 10 and 12. prosecutors say one series of assaults started 14 years ago. in court documents a grand jury accuses him of assaulting one of the boys in the basement of sandusky's home. it says the victim claimed, quote, he screamed for help knowing that sandusky's wi
Dec 3, 2011 6:30pm EST
revealing interview about his contact with young boys, an interview with jerry sandusky. >> reporter: jerry sandusky again denied charges that he sexually molested children. but has he also given prosecutors frash ammunition that he can use against him? >> these allegations are false. i didn't do those things. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: the former penn state defensive coordinator spoke for nearly four hours to the "new york times," his most detailed conversation yet of the conduct that had led prosecutors to file 40 criminal charges against him for allegedly abusing eight children over 13 years. sandusky provided his version of the crucial moment when penn state's then athletic director, tim curley, confronted him about a 2002 allegation involving a 10-year-old boy in the shower in the school's locker room. >> he was coming to me with a concern because -- and i guess in his words, somebody had talked to him about an inappropriate behavior in the shower. i told him that it didn't happen, and there wasn't -- in my mind there wasn't inappropriate behavior. >> reporter: sandusky sai
Nov 30, 2011 5:30pm PST
jerry sandusky was sued today by a new accuser in the child sex abuse scandal. the first one to sue for damages. the man identified in court documents as john doe a. is now 29 years old and says sandusky molested him from 1992 when he was 10 years old to 1996. says the abuse happened in the penn state locker room, in sandusky's home and on the road. in a handwritten statement, the man talked about his anguish now that the scandal has become public saying, quote, i'm hurting and have been for a long time because of what happened. but feel now even more tormented that i have learned of so many other kids were abused after me. >>> a former colorado sheriff who was well known in the rockies for his toughness and bravery is now sitting in a jail that bears his own name after being arrested on charges that have shocked his community outside denver. our report tonight from nbc's miguel almaguer. >> reporter: shackled and appearing frail, it's a stunning fall for a man once revered as a law enforcement icon in colorado. patrick sullivan, the former sheriff of arapahoe county arrested yester
Dec 8, 2011 5:30pm PST
in washington, pete, thanks. >>> former penn state assistant football coach jerry sandusky is back home tonight after spending a night in jail on new child sex abuse charges. this morning posting $250,000 bail. tonight his wife is coming to his defense. quote, as the mother of six children, i have been devastated by these accusations. she says in a written statement, no child who ever visited our home was ever forced to stay in our basement and fed there, she says about one allegation. our children and extended family and friends know how much jerry and i love kids and have always tried to help and care for them. we would never do anything to hurt them. end of quote. >>> on capitol hill today a reversal of fortune for a man who was once a governor, a u.s. senator and until recently the ceo of a company that collapsed in a stunning bankruptcy. today john corzine was the star witness brought by subpoena to testify before congress on the collapse of mf global and the missing billion dollars in client money. nbc's kelly o'donnell reports on today's hearing. >> reporter: a fallen wall street ceo, pe
Dec 11, 2011 3:30pm PST
in the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case about what a key prosecution witness heard and saw. nbc's jay gray has our report. >> reporter: tonight, explosive new allegations in the penn state child sex abuse scandal, this time from the defense. >> it seems that all of these now young men are following a similar pattern. >> reporter: attorney joe amendola telling nbc news he's ex-moplo- exploring how and how often accusers may have been in contact with each other prior to charges being filed in the case. >> is it possible that all of them reacted the same way to the abuse by staying in touch with jerry and maintaining contact with him. i find it strange and what it smacks of is some kind of collusion. >> reporter: one attorney said, they're trying to raise any sort of doubt and throw up a smoke screen. i can't speak for everyone, but i can speak for my client, victim number four, and to suggest he is colluding is preposterous. there are also new questions tonight about another key witness in the case. penn state assistant coach mike mcqueary said he told investigators he saw sandusky sodomizin
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23 (some duplicates have been removed)